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$895   $895
Form your LLC in Albany   Take over our "shell" Albany LLC

Best for any of the following:
- Not yet started business, or
- No fixed office location, or
- Mobile or virtual business, or
- Consultants or Salespeople

Best for any of the following:

- Existing, fixed business location, or

- Established business address, or

- Retail store
How it works   How it works
New York law requires you to designate the county in which the office of your New York LLC is located, and you must publish your legal notices in that county. However, many new businesses either do not yet have an official office location, or are a mobile (or virtual) business with no official office location at all. In these cases, the proper county to designate is Albany County. By initially designating Albany County, you save a lot of money--and an address in Albany is not required. Once the publishing has started, we handle the change of address to your permanent location, all included in the price. You are not required to publish again upon changing your office location. This is all 100% legitimate and legal under New York law. And, we include your required operating agreement, as well as a federal tax ID number (EIN) at no extra charge. Order yours now.   If you already have an existing, fixed business location in one of the more expensive counties to publish (i.e. Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, etc.), you can purchase one of our existing "shell" LLCs. This is an LLC that has been recently  formed by our law firm and has been published in the original county of formation. Upon your purchase, we change the original name of the LLC to your desired name, and change the address to yours. You receive all official documents indicating name history and proof of publication. Your LLC has never done business in any way and is guaranteed 100% clean, clear and legal. Each LLC comes with our law firm guarantee that the LLC being purchased has never done any business and has no liabilities whatsoever. This is all 100% legitimate & legal under New York law. And, we include your required operating agreement, as well as a federal tax ID number (EIN) at no extra charge. Order yours now.

All $895 NY LLC formations include:

  • Form a NY LLC in any county!
  • Articles of Organization prepared & filed
  • All state filing fees paid
  • Expedited processing (1-2 days)
  • Federal tax ID number (EIN)
  • Certified copy of Articles
  • Official filing receipt from Div. of Corporations
  • All legal fees
  • Required NY LLC operating agreement (single member... additional members cost a bit more)
  • Legal publishing, including all required newspapers, affidavits, certificate of publication, state filing fee.
  • Your New York LLC 100% legal and ready to do business within 2 business days.
  • Change of county to your permanent location after legal publishing starts (for Option 1)
  • Change of LLC name, address & county (for Option 2)
  • Dissolution of existing LLC (for Option 3)

No extra costs. Everything is included and we do it all for you.
We are a law firm and everything is 100% legal.

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Already formed your LLC and stuck with the high price of publishing in NYC?
We have your solution.

Simply place your new LLC order under Option 1, indicate that you have an existing LLC, and we will dissolve your existing domestic LLC for no extra charge. Then, we will set up your new LLC and handle all the publishing for the regular price of just $895. If you do the math, you'll save about $800 doing it this way, rather than going ahead with publishing your existing LLC for $1500. 



Cheap New York LLC

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LegalZoomTM and other online "form-filling" services:
LLC formation $349
LLC publishing $1500

Total: $1849


Do it yourself:
LLC formation $260
LLC publishing $1500

Total: $1760


Our LLC in NY:
LLC formation included
LLC publishing included
Operating agreement included
Certified copy included
Expedited processing included
Federal tax ID no. (EIN) included

Total: $895
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Since then, our law firm has helped over 3,000 clients and has become a recognized leader in developing cost-saving programs in several legal fields. More...


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Non-compete agreements
LLC operating agreements
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By-laws or operating agreements
Shareholders agreements
Vendor agreements
Indemnification agreements
Lenders agreements / Promissory notes
Independent contractor agreements
Private placements
Non-profit 501(c)3 status

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