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(646) 714-2610

About us

Our founder, a former New York attorney, first got the idea to provide reasonably priced legal services after his own experiences as both an employee and client of law firms with ridiculously high (and unjustified) fees.

In 2005, he opened the doors of his own law firm after working for several years as an associate at a larger firm. 

His new firm was founded on the premise that affordable legal services can and should be made available to the general public.

One area that has traditionally been overpriced is incorporation and business startup services. Most lawyers hate what we do because they are getting away with charging thousands of dollars more than us for the exact same services. 

While our company is owned by a former lawyer, our company is NOT a law firm, and we do NOT provide legal advice or services.

Since opening our doors in 2005 we have helped over 7,700 clients save millions of dollars in business startup costs.

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