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Q. What's the deal with the New York LLC legal publishing requirement?
A. Under New York law, all newly-formed LLCs must publish a series of legal notices for 6 weeks in two newspapers, one weekly and one daily. These notices must be placed in certain designated newspapers in the county in which the LLC is located. Unfortunately, publishing in counties such as New York (Manhattan), Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Richmond (Staten Island), Bronx, etc. are VERY expensive and can cost $1,200 or more for the publishing alone. It is the single most expensive part of forming an LLC. By using our address for the initial setup of your LLC, you save about $1,000 in publishing costs.

Q. How does your process work?
A. After we receive your order, here's what we do:

  • We prepare and file your LLC Articles of Organization with the state using our Albany address
  • We deliver your certified copy of the Articles plus the official state-issued Filing Receipt within one business day or less
  • We deliver your EIN within one business day or less
  • We prepare and deliver your operating agreement within one business day or less
  • We prepare your legal notices using our address in Albany  
  • We place the notices in 2 properly designated newspapers in Albany County for the required 6-week period  
  • After the 6 weeks is up, we obtain affidavits of publication from the newspapers  
  • We prepare and file the Certificate of Publication and pay the required state fee  
  • We receive the filing receipt from the state after processing, and forward it to you electronically
  • We change your address to the permanent location specified by you 
  • We handle the entire process 100%. There is nothing for you to do, and there are no extra fees. Everything is covered 100% in the $795 price. 

Q. How long does the publishing process take?

A. While the advertising itself runs for 6 weeks, the entire process can take *about* 12 weeks with newspaper lead-in time, obtaining affidavits, submitting the certificate to the state, processing by the state, and emailing the filing receipt to you.

Q. What do you deliver at the end of the publishing process?

A. Our deliverable consist of an electronic copy of the state-issued "filing receipt" which is proof of compliance with the publishing requirement.

Q. Do you offer discounts on multiple LLCs?

Yes. If you have two or more LLCs that you want to form & publish, let us know and we'll provide an even further discounted price quote.

Q. Do you offer discounts to lawyers and accountants?

Yes. If you're an attorney or accountant that regularly forms LLCs for your clients, let us know and we'll work out a great price for you. We work with lots of lawyers and accountants.

Q. How will I know where & when my legal notices are running?

If you email us about 2 weeks after starting the process, we'll be able to tell you the exact newspapers & dates of publication. No phone calls are accepted for status inquiries. Email only to nybizpros@gmail.com. We usually respond very quickly.

Q. I already have a federal tax ID number (EIN). Do I need a new one?

A. Yes. Your EIN must be attached to the LLC, which you do not yet have until we register it. Therefore, we need to get you a new EIN. 

Q. I don't have a US social security number. Can you still get me an EIN? 

A. Yes. It takes longer and costs $150 more. 

Q. Can I use a PO Box for my LLC address?   

A. Yes.

Q. What about business licenses? Can you help me with that? 

A. Yes. Email us with questions.

 Q. How does your money-back guarantee work? 

A. If we don't deliver what we say, when we say it, we'll refund your money, less any filing fees and/or publishing fees we've spent on your behalf. Money-back offer is limited to delays or errors beyond our control (for example, the state fails to process our order).

Q. Why do I need an operating agreement? I'm just one person in a simple business.

A. New York law requires all new LLCs to have an operating agreement in place, even single-member LLCs. We include this for you in our package.

Q. How do you keep your price so low? 

A. By using New York LLC publishing law to our legal advantage. The publishing is most expensive part of setting up a new LLC in New York, and the cost depends on the intended office location of your LLC. However, many new businesses either do not yet have an official office location, or are a mobile (or virtual) business with no official office location at all. In these cases, the proper county to designate is Albany County, which is also the cheapest in which to publish. By initially designating Albany County and using our address, you save a lot of money. Once the publishing has started, we handle the change of address to your permanent location, all included in the price. You are not required to publish again upon changing your office location.

Q. Is this legal? 

A. Yes. We've created and published thousands of New York LLCs since 2005.  

Q. I just need to publish my existing LLC. Can you help? 

A. Yes! Our prices are the lowest in NY by far. Visit NewYorkLLCPublishing.com for details on New York legal publishing.

Q. What if, for some reason, I'm not comfortable having my LLC initially set up with your address? Are there any alternatives? 

A. Yes! We offer another wildly popular service over at SmartNewYorkLLC.com. Click to see what we offer.

Q. Why shouldn't I use LegalZoom or some other online company to help me incorporate?

A. Read this and decide for yourself. 

Q. I need to form a professional LLC. Is there a difference?
A. Yes, a very big one for most professions! 
The process for creating a professional LLC (PLLC) in New York is very different than it is for a regular LLC. 

For most types of professional practices, the LLC process takes considerably longer due to the extra steps required, which are described below. It is also a bit more expensive due to the required extra paperwork. 

The reason for the extra delay and expense is the required preapproval process. Before most PLLCs can be set up, they must obtain preapproval from the NYS Education Dept, which adds another 4-5 months to the process. Sadly, there is no way around this frustrating requirement. 


This is why you are better off having someone like us (with extensive experience) handle it for you. We create PLLCs all the time, and our track record is very successful. Of course that's no guarantee of future performance, but you get the picture. The odds of having your PLLC approved & formed in the minimum amount of time are greatly increased when you engage a company like ours.

The process can get overwhelming and very frustrating, but we're here to make that the process easy as possible for you.

The following professions require preapproval from the NYS Education Dept. (NYSED):


Applied Behavior Analysis


Athletic Training


Certified Shorthand Reporting


Clinical Laboratory Technology





Interior Design

Land Surveying

Landscape Architecture

Massage Therapy

Medical Physics


Mental Health Practitioners



Occupational Therapy

Ophthalmic Dispensing


Pathologists' Assistant



Physical Therapy


Polysomnographic Technology


Public Accountancy

Respiratory Therapy

Social Work

Speech-Language Pathology

Veterinary Medicine

Notice that attorneys do not require preapproval to form a PLLC; the only extra thing that is needed is a recent good standing certificate. 

Lastly, the name you choose for your PLLC could affect your approval. After creating hundreds of PLLCs, we've learned the secrets to getting your PLLC approved without additional delay. 

And Legalzoom doesn't handle PLLC setups in New York (it's too complicated for them!).

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email us!

If you're ready to form your PLLC now, click here to get started. Remember, it takes a long time to complete, so it's best to start sooner rather than later.


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